Judge A Book By Its Cover?


Hey guys!

I believe “don’t judge a book by its cover”, has become a cliché and one must get rid of it now. I understand that books with dull covers can turn out to be really great, but it is the cover that drives the reader to read. Well, when I choose from an array of books, I give the utmost importance to the synopsis, but the cover, it just appeals to the eye!

I feel a cover page defines the book. The Book Thief has a rustic cover, which gives the feel of old parchment paper. Just suits the book! A techy book might be accompanied by little gears here and there. A classic is generally defined by unique designs, which one remembers throughout. In the all-time favourite, Harry Potter series every book has been marked out by intriguing wizarding themes.

I often feel happy while reading the book…

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