Close My Eyes; Claude meo oculos

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Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
I see you better.
When I go up the hill
I don’t see you
at all.
© Yelling Rosa
9/10 –20

Close My Eyes

Claude meo oculos

Quando mi claude meo oculos,
mi vide te meliore.
Quando mi ascende in monte,
te minime vide.
© Yelling Rosa
9/10 –20

The father of this simplified Latin is the Italian mathematician Giuseppe Peano (1858 – 1932). Read more about him here and about language, Latino sine flexione, here.

Peano’s vocabulary at

PS You can enlarge the drawing by clicking on it.

My YouTube Videos on Sunday 4th September 2021

I have published a new video today, Christmas Tree Song Vocal, 9/4 –21.
Please see the video below.

Music sheets at

AbbreviationLong FormYes
01.Postrahavaita -jutturunoja osa 2Esillä23.1.2012
02.Postrahavaita -jutturunoja osa 3Siirry9.3.2012

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