Endless dreams and boundless imaginations!

Tania,Samia,Raisa and Nisha are four sisters. Their mom Rani and dad Hari. Hari has his own dress material shop. Rani is a home- maker. They are not enough educated. They have a joint family. They live in a village. Hari’s parents always wanted a grandson. Hari also had the same wish. But four times Rani gave birth to female children. And in the fifth time she gave birth to a son but he didn’t stay long. After that she became so weak the doctor advised not to take more child, otherwise it will be life threatening for her. Then she did ligation. At every moment she had to listen that she is responsible for giving birth to daughters. Her in-laws and husband always blamed her for this. She also thought herself an unlucky one, for not to be able to gave birth of a son. Sometimes she cried alone as…

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