The ritual art of Ethiopian coffee

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An Ethiopian lady performing the coffee ceremony. © Mizou

We were always interested in learning the cultural ways of the countries we visited. One of them is the traditional coffee time for Ethiopian people. It was wonderful to taste the delicious coffee and experiencing the ritual way at the same time.

Coffee ceremony of Ethiopia and Eritreais a core cultural custom inEthiopiaand Eritrea. There is a routine of serving coffee daily, mainly for the purpose of getting together with relatives, neighbors, or other visitors. If coffee is politely declined, thenteawill most likely be served.

Loosegrassis spread on the floor where the coffee ceremony is held, often decorated with small yellow flowers. Compositeflowers are sometimes used, especially around the celebration of Meskel (an Orthodox Holiday celebrated by Eritreans and Ethiopians)

Brewing: the ceremony is typically performed by the woman of the household and is considered an…

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