Samurai and old scrolls – 23 October 2016 – 33th Dream

Foglia di Tengu

In lingua italiana

Samurai and old scrolls – 23 October 2016

“Samurai and Kanji?

The dream had already begun, I find myself sitting, with my legs crossed, on a soft floor that seemed to be covered by tatami mats, the environment was warm, the construction was made of wood, albeit inexplicable, indescribable, the sensations instead were very normal, almost flat and silent.

Both at my sides, there was a row of people sitting the same way I did, with the faces of each facing the same direction, they were all young, foreigners, from different countries scattered around the globe.

I was literally in the middle of that line, somehow we were waiting.

In front of us, there was another row, this time facing us, they all seemed Japanese, especially elderly people or at least adults, some of them even wore samurai armor, at first impression they looked like “ancient”…

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