Wrong Part|قطعه موتوراشتباهی

A Voice from Iran

“77th story”

First Published: Feb.07.2019

It was around 8 pm on a November night. Morgan was wearing Eliot’s clothes that were a few sizes bigger than him, sitting by a fireplace warming his cold body.


Eliot asked: “Now tell me, why did you throw yourself in the river in such a freezing night? You are a young man with a bright future ahead, why would you try to kill yourself? I was too old to jump into the river to save you.”


Morgan replied: “But I didn’t ask you to save me. I will do it again. How can I live when they will all die?”

Eliot asked: “Who will die?”

Morgan continued: “I put a wrong part in an airplane’s engine.


The plane will crash into the ocean. All the passengers and crew will die. Monica is the flight attendant on that flight. I was about to ask her…

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