Book Review: “Proxy War” by Sudip Talukdar


This review first appeared in the”South Asia Monitor” of November 05, 2021. Mint-fresh!

September 2021 had some disquieting news for India. First came the drug bust of the century as the DRI [Directorate of Revenue Intelligence] seized a consignment of heroin weighing 3,000 kg. worth Rs.21,000 crores from Gujarat’s Mundra Port. Then came breaking news:”30 kg. of drug seized along LOCin Uri.”And October brought news which threw the TV channels into a tizzy: “Star son arrested on cruise ship on charges of possessing drugs.” All this lent salience and a sense of urgency to the debut novel of Sudip Talukdar, “Proxy War: The Counter Moves”, pitched as a tribute to the men of the Indian Army.

The novel begins on a decidedly Enid Blyton-ish note, with teenage friends Avinash {Avi} and Karan making a foray into an abandoned mill. Soon the mood darkens and the author shifts gears. The teens…

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