Hodling the false dip.

The Baked BLOGGER!!

If you’re able to see this post in your WP reader then I still am worthy. HeHe. So, there’s a lot to talk about but, we’ll keep it short (I’ll).

Currently, there is a hype going around which is defined as “INVEST”

You guys already know there are two major places to lose your hard-earned money. 1]- Stock market. 2]-Crypto market. 3]-Gambling market. 4]- Vegetable market

Now, arguments by individuals:

1- You don’t know shit about any of these.

2- Proper study of trends & graphs will push you towards profit.

3- Risk management should be good.

4- Long-time investment is 99% profitable


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ahhh duhh..

I ain’t saying that these things are wrong. I’m saying that how many people follow these norms?

The common person knows only one thing: I invest. Price goes up. I withdraw. ~~The shocking reality.

People don’t know how the flow of money works. I…

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