Singapore is the 2nd-Worst Globally For Workplace Diversity; 1 In 4 Workers Bullied


A recent report published in the StraitsTimes, stating that Singapore is the 2nd worst in the world for workplace diversity with 1 in every 4 workers abused at work. Really? Is Singapore such a bad workplace?

Singapore is known to many as one of Asia’s major economic players. Many foreigners looking for work often flock to Singapore since many work opportunities are in the country. From administrative jobs to minimum wage jobs, it is available for all.

However, the report shows that while there is ample work in Singapore, the openness and inclusivity of workplaces for workers is not ideal.

Kantar’s Inclusion Index Report

On September 17, data and consulting Kantar released their first Kantar Inclusion Index.

The index collected employee feedback from 18,000 respondents from 14 countries. They also included 1,050 Singaporeans to share their experiences.

It also…

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