Inspiring Stories From Folks who made A Career Change


Change can be a very scary thing especially when you are getting older. Career change can sometimes become a career suicide. However, it can be avoided if the change is carefully planned and you persevere through difficulties to get to the end goal.

The results can be both rewarding and satisfying as the below stories that I collected from my friends has shown. 

Stuck in a loveless marriage and a boring desk job, I was stifled to death. I felt my life was slowly but steadily slipping through my fingers as each day goes by. I have no bad debts, no children, not even parents who will say “I told you so..”

At my 30th birthday, I decided to make a change. I filed for divorce from my good-for-nothing husband and I quit my job. I went back to law school with my savings, and moved across the country to…

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