What’s Your Superpower?


I am weird. Of course, besides that, I have a superpower that is mostly unknown to others except by a few loved ones. I didn’t know I have it until people around started to point it out and slowly, it became obvious to me that I have a certain superpower to make people talk. Oh, I don’t mean with whips and lashes or even with handcuffs. Remember, violence is never the solution folks!

Weird Vibe?

I kind of have an aura around me, which my husband would like to call a ‘weird vibe’ that seems to attract people, even strangers, to want to talk to me.

The only thing is that the longer they talk to me, the more they reveal about themselves. Eventually, without inhibition or intention, they bare their secrets out even if I never ask probing questions or deliberately start a conversation.

Usually, it can be as…

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